Valuations for the purpose of sale are free of charge.

Whether you have one item of jewellery or a house full of furniture and effects we provide a valuation service to meet your needs.

Probate Valuations

There are times, unfortunately, when families have matters of probate to deal with. At this time we can offer a probate valuation service, working alongside your legal representatives, the executors of the estate, or yourself.

A full probate valuation will be prepared and if further assistance is required with regard to the clearance of a property we can provide our house clearance and auction service to deal with all aspects required by an estate. 

Insurance Valuations

We can conduct insurance valuations of not only individual items but, if required, the entire contents of your home. This is prepared to meet your requirements.

Valuations for Family Division

In the event that items need to be valued due to family division, we can provide current market valuations to assist in this situation.

If you would like further information on any of our valuation or house clearance services, please contact our office staff.

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